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Know Your Background Check Data and Trends

The Background Report Data You Need

Capturing insights from background check performance and your broader background screening program is essential to not only monitor the success of your employee onboarding, but also to understand where changes may be needed. Insight Advantage can help you do that and more.

Right Data at the Right Time to Answer the Right Questions

Insight Advantage provides actionable, data-driven analytics and insights that help inform decisions related to employment and resident background check programs. Through detailed background reports and meaningful data, Insight Advantage can help you identify key opportunities to improve your results, and increase employee onboarding efficiency. Insight Advantage makes it easy to demonstrate the value of your program to stakeholders and optimize your background screening budget.

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Accessible Background Reports & Intelligent Data Analytics

Interpreting data doesn’t need to be difficult. With Insight Advantage, it’s simple to access your performance data and answer the questions that can make all the difference for your business. The easy-to-use interface quickly provides the background report information you need to enhance your background screening programs:

Targeted, Relevant, and Actionable Insights

Insight Advantage’s diagnostic dashboards give you answers about your program’s effectiveness

Answering these questions with the background report data from Insight Advantage allows you to identify key insights into your program’s performance. These actionable insights will serve as a guide to ensure you’re building an even stronger, more efficient program—and one that will ultimately improve candidate experiences.

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